About this course:

The indemnity is both the most negotiated, and least understood clause in IT contracts. In The Indeminar, we demystify indemnities. We’ll look at the key indemnities appearing in contracts about software, including SaaS and other forms of cloud computing.

In this webinar we will address:

  • Indemnities: In general, important vocabulary, “mutual” indemnities.
  • Intellectual property (IP) indemnities, including typical and troubling exceptions.
  • Data incident indemnities.
  • Advanced indemnities: The “Cause Problem” - little-known, thorny issues involving losses the indemnitor caused.
  • Limits of liability, limit on indemnity obligations.

As usual, your instructor is David Tollen, author of The Tech Contracts Handbook, attorney, UC Berkeley lecturer, expert witness, and sought-after speaker.

Length: c. 1 hr., 30 min. (CA CLE 1.5 hr.)

Recorded September 22, 2022

An individualized certificate is generated when you complete the course.

CLE: Tech Contracts Academy On-Demand webinars are approved for Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credit in California, and we provide a CA CLE certificate (self-study). Jurisdictions elsewhere (and professions) differ on whether students may apply individually, if so what’s required. See here for details about CLE.

Note: Parts of Chapters 1 and 5 - 7 are covered in our separate program,
Key Liability Terms in Contracts About AI, the Cloud, and other Software. Other parts of the same chapters are also covered in Top 6 Mistakes in Cloud Services Agreements, Including SaaS and AI. In each case, this program covers the issue in more detail, with its narrower focus on a single clause. (We consider occasional overlaps valuable, reinforcing key lessons, particularly on the difficult issues surrounding indemnities.)


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