About this Course

Small mistakes can cost a fortune in SaaS and other cloud contracts, including agreements related to artificial intelligence. This webinar will help you avoid the most typical errors, ranging from simple to subtle.

Topics covered include:

  • Misunderstanding fundamental cloud and AI concepts
  • Confusing cloud subscriptions - including SaaS and AIaaS - with software licenses and professional services
  • Focusing on ownership of data instead of data control
  • Losing a good deal over data breach indemnities
  • Doing SaaS escrows wrong
  • Accepting SLAs with eyes closed

You can review a sample chapter right here.

As usual, your instructor is David Tollen, author of The Tech Contracts Handbook, attorney, UC Berkeley lecturer, expert witness, and sought-after speaker.

Length: c. 1 hr., 15 min. (CA CLE 1 hr.)

Recorded Sept. 12, 2023

An individualized certificate is generated when you complete the course.

CLE: Tech Contracts Academy On-Demand webinars are approved for Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) credit in California, and we provide a CA CLE certificate (self-study). Jurisdictions elsewhere (and professions) differ on whether students may apply individually, and if so what’s required. See here for details about CLE.

Note: Much of Chapter 4, "Mistaking Indemnities for Remedies or Punishments," is also covered in our separate program, The Indeminar: Indemnities in IT Contracts. (We consider occasional overlaps valuable, reinforcing key lessons for students who take both courses.)


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